GoShemaleCams.com Review

MyTrannyCams Review

We all deserve to know which sites out there are worth our time, and while some do fulfill the needs, others don’t even come close. In order to gather the information, we have decided to take a deep dive into some of the lesser-known shemale cam sites, and GoShemaleCams.com fills that area.

It’s not original by any means, as a matter of fact, it’s a copy (whitelabel) of a more popular site named MyTrannyCams.com. Meaning you’re pretty much viewing another site that’s got a different look to it, but there is much more to it and we’re planning on unearthing all the good and bad stuff about it.

Some Changes Are Good, But Others…

The focal point of all live chat reviews is the way a homepage looks, it needs to catch your attention, draw you in, and overall leave a pleasant impression. GoShemaleCams does it in a way, it’s rather boring at first since the white color dominates, but the focus is on models, which is quite nice.

Except for that change, nothing much is looking different from the original, and with a reason, there’s not much to switch around to make it looks any better. If you’re a sucker for originality, then this site definitely won’t fill your needs, and you could definitely make a case that there could be a different look to it.

The only thing that might slip by most people is the wording change from “tranny” to “trans” wherever it was possible, which is minor and unnecessary. There are also some “clickbait” lines of text along the site, that incentivize you to click on things, but there’s no need for that considering you’re already there, and you’re willing to check out what they’ve got.

What You Should Know

As in its predecessor, there are 4 main sections, and each of them carries a certain theme or a different type of an offer you could be interested in.

  1. Live Cams – This is where their bread and butter lies, it’s also your homepage, but the thing I didn’t like is the way you’re getting random previews popping on your screen, and that’s something I didn’t have an issue with on the tranny webcam site named MyTrannyCams, compared to GoShemaleCams.
  2. Mobile Live – For some reason there are far fewer models than there should be here, naturally they are streaming from their phones, and you can even call them at any time, albeit for a higher price.
  3. Story – You know what time it is, your cock dripping with precum as you’re getting whispered sweet sinful words in your ear, teased to disbelief until desire takes over your body. Or something along those lines, the focus is on creative storytelling, and these models will deliver.
  4. Favorites – You like it, you save it for later, that’s the whole point behind this tab. Although I did have some problems with accessing it, or getting all my favorites to load, which is unique to GoShemaleCams.

All in all, it seems like some options did not translate well into the new site, they should still be the same, but there’s a sudden drop in quality wherever you turn. It certainly taints the image of this site, but that’s on them and their incompetence, so let’s find out how the shows will fare.

Is GoShemaleCams Any Good?

If you’re looking for diversity, then you won’t find it here, there are boatloads of Asian models, but not much else. The shows are quite good, although you will get sated after some time, they start to mesh together, and you can no longer differentiate something new from the old ones.

There also seems to be an issue with the streaming since I’ve got mine buffered for way too long, maybe they are using different, slower servers? Guess that’s an answer we’ll never know because the customer support is one more in the line of things that don’t function properly.

Honestly, you can do better, something like TSMate.com, a sex cam site that has never managed to get me bored or frustrated, and they’ve got a wide selection of models and fetishes. That’s what matters the most no matter what site you’re visiting, and this one checks all the marks.


Despite being a copy of MyTrannyCams, GoShemaleCams isn’t doing it justice, there are some crucial points missing, and others are displaced, or mismanaged. Overall it seems like poor optimization is to blame, or you could divert that blame to the ones who have decided a half-baked product is good enough for a consumer.

You shouldn’t go for any unnecessary negative surprises, go with the safe bed in TSMate, and treat yourself to proper live tranny shows. They couldn’t be any more immersive, and once you check it out, well, you can come back later to thank us.