Review Review

Some tranny sex cam sites have a certain way of making you feel at home from the moment you step there, but doesn’t give off that vibe. In fact, it feels cluttered, the homepage is a total mess, designed to redirect you towards other sites, or straight into a show, which is also not the thing you would expect it to be.

Right off the bat you can tell that this review won’t be all kind towards Shemaleroulette, simply because there are too many problems it’s facing, and we’ll explain them all step by step in this new review. But don’t worry, there are always some alternatives which you can go for, and we’ll lay them out for you as well.

Shemaleroulette Could Use Some Honesty

The very fact that there is “roulette” in this site’s name, makes you think of hitting up random strangers and getting hot and heavy together. In reality, it’s everything but. This is a live webcam site under the guise of roulette-type casual fun, which is a nice setup for failure, even though you partially know what to expect.

When you click to enter, the site redirects you straight into a show, but who even wants that? The normal thought process would be to pick your shows, here you’re tricked. Maybe they think some would be fooled by this charade, and they wouldn’t see the “roulette” thing as a gimmick, which it is.

Then they also claim to be free, which is a half-truth. Sure you can watch some models, see them doing what they like to do, like stroke their cocks and suck on a dildo, but that’s all there is. There are “private” options, but you have to get your wallet open, which is fine, but there’s no need for false advertisement.

Calling Shemaleroulette Empty is Being Generous

So, you go to a live tranny site and expect some basics, like models, you want to have choices. Well, here, it’s hard to find regular performers, let alone some fetish ones, and the handful of those you’ve got are lackluster. You should consider yourself happy if there are 10 t-girls streaming, but it gets grimmer.

Sometimes they aren’t even performing, their so-called shows are moving nowhere, and they just sit around or disconnect their cameras. Let’s say you want fetish shows, what happens then? You go somewhere else because there aren’t any here, it’s just plain, old, boring stuff that even porn sites do better.

We’ll take TSMate as an example. Maybe it’s not fair because it’s amongst the best shemale webcam sites, but you deserve to know where to go instead. Here you have at least 100 girls to choose from, and that’s on a slow day. On top of that, they got models who keep a professional standard, even with various fetish shows they offer.

This Tranny Site Is Bad Inside Out

Oh, it gets worse, the design of this site is so outdated that you can’t even filter through the performers since there are no filters to start with. The whole vibe is an early 2000’s kind of thing, which reflects on user experience heavily. The whole space is cluttered with information, and it takes time to find out what all the buttons do.

Ironically, they’re mostly irrelevant, or they’re an extended way of making you pay for something, and that makes the site look extra scummy. Is it even a surprise that the quality of streams is crap? I wouldn’t say so, after all, you’re using a time machine into the past, and 240p is the standard, but not like there’s anything to see honestly.

Just save yourself some brain cells and a lot of nerves by going straight to TSMate. I know, I know, it seems like a shameless plug, but honestly, sometimes it’s better to listen to a professional cam enjoyer. At the very least you’ve got a nice design to look at, and that’s before accounting for HD cam shows, user-friendly navigation, and tags for simple but efficient browsing.


Shemaleroulette isn’t what you think it is, and it’s doing a bad job at being both a roulette site and a shemale private cam site. Bad design, lack of models, the list of issues is ever-growing and it doesn’t seem to stop. In short, it’s not recommended to waste your time here, nor should you torture yourself with such horrors.

But we’ve got you covered, TSMate is here, and it’s better than ever. I can’t count how many models there have earned my trust through some nasty shows, and there’s no reason to think you won’t have the same experience. Get your daily dose of shemales from all over the world, and you’ll never look back.