Good tranny cam sites are few and far in between, which makes them easy to compare to each other for a more efficient review. There is no reason whatsoever to waste your time on one when there’s a much better alternative, which is why I’m going to take TSMate into account while going balls deep (pun intended) in Tgirlscams.

TSMate Cam Site Review

Surpassing such a site is a hard task considering the price-for-value ratio is amongst the best in the camming business. But that’s not all we’re going to take a look at, your experience is shaped by the site as a whole, so it has to be user-friendly and pleasing to the eye in order to attract you as a potential customer.

Eye Test homepage looks kind of empty, the plain white color doesn’t do it justice and overall makes the site look cheap. Another issue is that there are only four models highlighted until you select some of the options, which is unorthodox for cam sites since it’s a waste of space.

The design is severely outdated, you’re going to get the early 2000’s feel, very cheap and unintuitive. Even the “Categories” drop menu is located on such a tiny button that you’ll have troubles finding it, the only good thing about it is that you’re automatically shown the number of models performing for each one of them.

On the other hand, we’ve got TSMate which is the total opposite, the vibrant black and blue colors complement each other throughout the whole site and give off a strong first impression. Not to mention that you just need to scroll down to browse through a bunch of models, all rated with 5 stars.

Everything is located on the first page, which makes it so much easier to navigate through the webcam site. You can even filter the models with multiple options to narrow down your search, and you even get to preview their live chats by hovering over the cam window, something you won’t find on Tgirlscams.

All You Need to Know About Models

First of all, the numbers are okay-ish, around 60 shemale models online at all times, which is quite fair, but it’s 4 times less than what they’ve got on TSMate. But that isn’t even an issue, the quality of those live streams is, it’s a living nightmare, no more, no less, and that would be sugarcoating it considering how bad some of them go.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a hard time distinguishing an eye for a nipple as much as I’ve had here. The pixelated 260p (Is it even?) videos make Minecraft look like next-gen quality, there’s simply no reason to waste your time on something like that, it’s almost like they’re supposed to be paying you to watch.

Needless to say that there are some streams with better quality, but they simply fall under the “manageable” slot, so not that great. The shows themselves could use some more fetish-based performers, vanilla is fine, but come on, we’re not here for that.

If you want to get dirty, well, TSMate is here to help with a wide variety of kinks and other filth, and get this; you can actually see what’s going on because it’s HD. It’s sad that at this day and age we even have to pay attention to streaming quality, but Tgirlscams has set the bar so low that I just have to point it out.

What’s The Price?

Honestly, you’re better off throwing your money down the toilet and watch it flush away than spending on Tgirlscams. Private chats get surreally expensive, and at no point in time will it be justified since everything about this tranny cam site is a total clusterfuck of incompetence.

Or you can spend it on TSMate where it’s going to be valued, models there are better, the site is easy to navigate through, and shows, you’ll see, they’re breathtaking. Some private chats go as low as $1 per minute, and even those are more action-packed than anything you’ll see on other cam sites.


Not taking any favorites here, but I think it’s very obvious which one takes the cake in a head-to-head match. Tgirlscams is a total let-down, at no point in time does it feel worthy of my visit, it’s like I’ve wasted each minute I was there, and I would regret it if there wasn’t for others who will hopefully stay off it after reading this review.

Even the “Blog” section, which promises to contain “All the juicy stories” is nothing but a cheap marketing trick. Nothing juicy about it, there aren’t even stories in there, which honestly didn’t take me by surprise.

At least you’ve got TSMate to entertain you whenever you crave a unique experience with a hot T-girl by your standards. It’s one of the best tranny webcam sites with a reason, and you don’t have to take my word for it, see for yourself!