It is a fact that sex cams have been taking the world by storm ever since they first appeared on the internet. For some people it is taboo, but for people like you and me, it is literally heaven.

And while we love to see any tgirls on any website on any live porn stream, there are some sites that do a better job at presenting these babes than others. From an onslaught of really bad websites that are trying to scam you for money, it is hard to know which portals you can really trust.

That is where I come in. I take an in-depth look at these best tranny cam sites and tell you exactly which ones are good, and which ones are trash in my reviews that I write on here.

1) MyTrannyCams
MyTrannyCams Review
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2) TSMate
TSMate Cam Site Review
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3) Chaturbate
Chaturbate Tranny Review
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Free trans cam sites versus premium ones

As much as we would wish that all these gorgeous t-girls were ready to show us their tits and asshole for free, most of the time there is a catch.

Every live adult site has something that it takes in return if it offers a huge selection of shemale babes. If you do not want to spend more money on private webcams than on premium ones, then you should take a look at my reviews because they will always tell you what the situation is like on each and every one of these sites. Believe me, I have been through it all!

Of course, only trusted sites make the cut, while scam sites are not even mentioned here. So, if you want to remain scam-free, you are going to need to look at the places that I have reviewed.

Who could do a better job at showing you the best of these websites than a guy who actually uses them on a regular basis? As for choosing between premium and free live sessions, I leave that up to you. If you like to have more influence on tranny babes while they perform, then you will have to pay up either way, and I will tell you all about how it works in every review for these cam sites.

Find the best quality live shows, or keep them amateur

Now listen, I have seen it all when it comes to these gorgeous trannies. I have seen professional cam t-girls who are doing this stuff as a full-time job, and I have seen amateurs who barely have any fans.

It all comes down to taste really, but it also means different things for you in terms of quality. Professional tranny video chats might not give you that feeling of intimacy that amateur babes can provide.

Then again, I think we can all agree that professional babes just look objectively better and hotter.

But if that is not important to you and you do not care that much about quality, I have got a bunch of sites that offer amateur shemales and nothing else. Likewise, if you like to keep things professional and classy, there are sites here that do that too.

Don’t hesitate, find the perfect tranny webcam site today

If you are still on the fence, just know that I have been through thick and thin trying to find the best of the best when it comes to trans live webcam sites. These platforms are not easy to come by.

If I could not find them with thousands of hours of internet exploration and investigation, then I have a feeling you will have a tough time doing it too.

I found all the top cam2cam sites so that you do not have to! And as one fan of trannies to another, I know exactly what makes us tick when we watch these babes. If you are into sexy chicks with big hard dicks as much as I am, then you will love these websites.

Live Shemale Cam2Cam Sites

Hooking up with a perfect t-girl doesn’t have to be just a wet dream, you can do it all online and find more than one on a live shemale cam2cam site. Presenting the hotties from all parts of the world, all able to get your cock as firm like theirs, and more than versatile in their fetish performances.

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Shemale Big Cock Cam Sites

The cam2cam feature brings the whole experience to life, there’s no one but the two of you, getting all sweaty, whispering sweet and filthy words to each other, and engaging in the sweet sin. Once you’re there, at the moment, nothing else will matter, the only thing you’ll be focused on is how to bust the next load.

As much as KathrinAngelTS loves to hear you praising that tight waist, her divine beauty, and proportional curves, she also wants you to be pleased. Her blood-red lips will tremble the moment you stand before her, strip down the clothes, and present a full-blown boner, right in her face.

She will praise it, the beauty of that tool along with its size, every last inch will be like a magical staff that she wants to lay her tongue on and lick. The firm nipples are already poking through her skimpy shirt, but you’ll be able to see even more once she pours oil over them, rubs it in so you can see through.

All the things she would do to you, she will perform on a dildo. Starting by rubbing the tip on her nipples, and then performing a titjob once she can’t hold it back any longer during the tranny cam2cam chat. The friction is about to make her shirt rip through, but she would rather take it off and give you a look at her nude body.

Her asshole is puckering, it’s yawning, hungry for some drilling, expecting to get fed, and you can tell her how to do it. Pick your position and she will comply, doggystyle? No problem, she’ll kneel and impale herself, all while her cock is swinging between the legs, and inevitably shooting a load of cum along with you.

Fierce trannies are no strangers to some BDSM, just like the long-haired redhead Lusty_Larrah. Her leathered body harness leaves no place for imagination, you can see those massive tits clearly, the only thing hidden from your view are her nipples, and the same can be said for her bunghole, but at least you can see that juicy ass.

She’ll tower over you, the high-heels make her look even taller than usual, in this instance quite scary, worthy of your utmost respect. She will get it one way or another, even if you have to be tamed with some harsh words or two, you’ll hear a comment, striking you low until you’re on your knees, offering yourself to her use.

You might be made to take a belt and strike yourself across the back, or you’ll tie it around your neck like a true slave like it’s your collar. She will grip her big cock on these live shemale cam sites and force you to worship it, and in case you make a wrong move or don’t do as she has told, your nuts are going to get clamped, each mistake is another one added.

Getting your tool restrained with a chastity cage is an honor compared to what else she may desire. You’ll get to watch her touching herself, masturbating, and playing with the bunghole, and that’s not something she does often in front of a slave. The despair will kick in eventually, you’ll beg to jerk off as well, but the only way that’s going to happen is with jerk-off instructions, and she has all the right to deny you an orgasm.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you’re typing to a model what you want her to do, the longer you do it, the more frustrating it gets. That’s something no one wants to go through on these live cam2cam shows, you would be missing on a boatload of fun from that only.

Instead, you can simply voice your desires, the shemale you’re enjoying a night with can offer you something unforgettable, and you’ll have jerk-off material for days from your memory alone.

Teen Tgirl Cams Chat

The younger generations sure know how to have fun, especially when sex is in question, they go wild. The same can be said for shemale teens, and if you’re having difficulties hooking up with one somewhere around you, then these webcams are going to make sure you find an adequate babe to play with.

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Submissive Shemale Cams

You can explore their youthful bodies, and help them get off, but the main focus is you, and your orgasms are of utmost importance. That’s why they’re going to try their best to get that cock hard, keep it that way for as long as you want, and then work it until you’re busting a fat nut.

Just look at someone like Meghan_Mint, slender, big tits, and a massive cock, sound delicious? You should definitely go slow with her on this live chat site because this hottie knows how to push all the right buttons and get you worked up before the grand finale. Tell her all your secrets, what makes you squirm, and she’ll do it.

If you like feet, she’ll flaunt her waxed legs, lift them up so you can see, and show off her tender soles. Her pedicured toes are the real deal when she starts wiggling them, it will just get your body overcome with lust, you would wish to suck them one by one, so she moans and enjoys every moment.

Luckily she does yoga, and that body can bend, she will do it against you, her toes will get sucked, she’ll lick her entire foot, and then try to stuff her mouth with as much as she can on the teen tgirl cams. Just like your cock, she will get a dildo, place it in front of herself and embellish it with those feet, stroking generously.

She’s still feeling a hunger, now that the dildo is in front of her, she wants to ride it like never before. She squats on top of it, splits her ass cheeks with both hands, and impales the craving bunghole on top. The scream of satisfaction fills your ears, and you watch her ride and stroke her cock, all until you’re orgasming in sync.

If you want yourself a bratty, demanding teen who enjoys being in a place of power over men, then meet Andrea_SlutDoll. This raven-haired tgirl babe always wears skimpy clothes, so tight that you can see her cock etching in the pants, and those massive jiggly tits are barely contained by her top.

Yet you can’t help but look, stare into her curves and crotch, with a jaw dropped to the floor, wishing it was you right there next to her sucking on those tits and jerking her off in her live webcam room. Despite loving the attention, this nasty little slut will blackmail you into becoming her slave, so your whole life revolves around her needs.

She will demand you drop down and lick her boots spotless, get used as a human ashtray, held on a short leash so she can guide you around. All the power trips are a preparation for your sexual use when she tells you to wear a buttplug and suck a dildo in front of her, you do it without hesitation.

Then you’ll have to endure her teasing you, having fun while stroking her cock, and forbidding you to do the same. She might even tie you up, so you’re restrained, humiliated by becoming a cuck, watching her tight teen asshole getting fucked by someone else, much bigger than you. You’ll watch as she guzzles on cum, laughing at you, and making you as miserable as can be.

Teen cam sites are a good way for anyone to forget about all the daily issues and treat themselves to some young, tight bodies, and horny teen hormones behind them. These models could fuck all day long, that’s basically the only need they have, and they can eat jizz for a meal for all they care.

It’s up to your needs and cravings how you’re going to approach them with those pieces of information seeded in your mind. Could you go all night long, your cock lubed up and ready for a rumble? Only one way to find out, and you can find the answer to that question by visiting our tranny site.

Best Tranny Domination Webcam Sites

Hot strict chicks with massive dicks and BDSM toys, what’s there not to like? They love dressing up in latex and leather outfits, teasing you with lavish attributes, and getting both of your cocks rock-hard. And that’s only the beginning, from then on, it’s all ropes, kinky toys, and domination, that’s where the real deal is.

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Shemale BDSM Mistress Cams

In order to reap all the benefits of tranny domination webcam sites, you will have to be obedient, and we’re talking begging to suck her cock obedient! Before any of that happens, you will be tested, and some of these mistresses have no issues bending you to their will, even if you’re the toughest nut to crack, they have the tools.

If you want a corset wearing hottie in high heels, then don’t forget to check out DommeAliceTS. This massive breasted slut loves her new snacks already tied in ropes, conveniently packaged so they can’t resist. Meanwhile, you’re going to feast your eyes on her curves because they’re just too delicious.

Just wait until you see her sexy feet, tender, neatly pedicured, and those toes wiggling just for you. But what can you do except staring at them? The thirst will overcome you, but the ropes are clinging too tightly to your body, and she wants you to smell her feet, inhale the heavenly scent so it drives you crazy even more.

You can see her erection growing bigger, it’s ripping through the tight panties, but she still wants to play with you before it’s served. A leather whip gets pulled out, she grips it firmly and starts spanking your perky ass. Each strike will leave a mark so you can remember her for days to come.

At last, you’re released, she allows you to stroke, and prepares to do the same herself. The only difference being she will order you how to do it, issuing jerk-off instructions while freely doing it herself in her shemale domination cam room. She loves making you do it slowly, edging out that orgasm, and ordering you to stop multiple times. You can’t cum before she does, that much is clear, so get ready for a long, exhausting session.

If you’re a devoted slave, CaylinCums will absolutely adore playing with you. This tall, blonde model is particularly blessed with a hulking dick, big and firm just how you like it, but you’ll have to work in order to get it into a pristine state. Strip off your clothes, do it slowly, erotically, make her feel the butterflies in her stomach.

It’s as if you’re seducing her, making all the right moves, to get her horny, and when she does, you’re in for a ride. She’ll clamp your nipples and balls and get you collared so she has full control over you. Now you move only where she needs you, crawling on your knees, and obeying her wishes and desires.

Her heart grows more corrupted, suddenly she makes you lick your toilet seat, and then you’ll scrub out that bitter taste from your mouth with your cock in the bondage webcam chat. She orders you to suck yourself off, something you never thought was possible, but under so much pressure you’re finding a way, and suddenly you’re blowing your own cock.

She loves watching that slutty mouth, how it embraces the cock, and the way you’re sucking. Her moans grow louder, she’s ready to bust a nut, and she desires to see your mouth filled with it. Your mouth is already too busy, so why not, shoot your load in your mouth, fill yourself up with the hot semen and eat it because she wants you to, right at the moment when she’s cumming.

Your job, before any other, is to make a t-girl domme happy, and each of them can be pleased by different things. Search around and see which one of them is the perfect mistress for yourself, the one that gets pleased by the subordinates of your kind, or try different things, it’s never too late to be taught some new tricks.

The value you’re getting from tranny domination cam sites measured in orgasms, some models here are ready to extract every last drop of cum. You will get worn out until there’s not an atom of strength left in your body, but all of that will be worth it. Review Review

The good old transsexual cams, we’ve all been there, most of them are as old as the internet itself, and the shows are finger-licking good. But, it’s time to try out some new ones, the industry surely has changed in recent years, and the appetites are growing, so it never hurts to see what else has spawned in the meantime.

There are various expectations that need to be met in order to determine whether or not a live sex site is up to a certain standard. We need something new, something refreshing, but not too much, some things are better left untouched, it’s just the way things work, if it’s not broken, why change it?

Is It More of the Same Old?

From the get-go seemed familiar… a bit too familiar. It has a certain template that just rings a bell. Mind you, I’ve been through a plethora of porn sites, so it’s not that hard to notice something is off. Unfortunately, it’s as I’ve suspected, this site is a whitelabel, but still, it’s worth checking out.

The homepage is a mixed bag of feelings, it’s not the same as its original, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Personally, I don’t like the plain white color all over the site, it’s good as a background, but the rest could be changed, still, it’s up to debate since we may not have the same taste.

The eye test would confirm that not much else has been changed, sure, it doesn’t need to be, but if you’re trying to do something, at least put in some originality, it’s not that hard. For instance, some filters and drop menus could have their placement changed, just as a means to keep it interesting, but that’s certainly not the case.

The Models and What to Expect

The name “shemalecams” implies that you’re getting male to female transgenders, and while they certainly hold the vast majority, it’s not the complete case. There are quite a few female to male trans performers and don’t take me wrong, they’re awesome, but the carpets don’t match the drapes.

Comparing this site to its original, TSmate, there seem to be somewhat fewer models online, when I’ve said that some things are better left untouched, this is what I’ve meant. The numbers are still big, you would definitely have plenty of choices, but why not more, it doesn’t hurt, right?

Guess that’s a question we won’t get the answer to, since the issue may be on the technical side, and we don’t have insight into that. While numbers don’t match, it shouldn’t be an issue on the grand scale, you should still be able to enjoy some cock-stroking shows without any holdbacks.

Riddled With Technical Difficulties

The best way to check a site is to actually try out the shows, and boy, let me tell you, it’s not even close in terms of quality. Guess there are some deeper issues with ShemaleCams, the ones that make the veins on your forehead pop out from frustration because it takes a whole lot of time to actually render the video feed.

Once it does, you’re left with a grainy quality, marginally worsened from what it is on TSmate, which I found funny and sad at the same time, that’s at least how I was feeling at the moment. Guess there won’t be any shows for me tonight, I’ll have to go to bed with the nutsack filled to the brim, turning blue, and no energy to keep going.

One thing still kept me in hope, maybe customer support can solve this problem for me? Nope, wrong. It’s a tale as old as mankind, whitelabels and non-existent support, some do have it fortunately, but a lot of sites made like this quick cash grab simply don’t care, end of story.


Well, there you have it, another disappointment, I’ve truly had hope that it ShemaleCams could at least copy its originator faithfully, but it just isn’t like that. Instead of rubbing one out to a hung tranny with big tits, I’ve got a big fat stack of nothing.

Let’s not lose all hope here, there is still TSmate, it definitely didn’t let me down so far, so there’s no need to pretend like a copycat could retain that feeling of security and faithfulness that’s built up through years of awesome shows and excellent customer support at any given moment, at least you know now where to go instead.

Shemale Private Sex Cam Sites

If you’ve ever wanted to get intimate with a sexy t-girl, share some hot moments, and cum together, then you need to do it on live cam2cam sites. There’s no doubt that you are getting the most authentic experience that way, it’s just so much more relaxed and natural from both sides, so you can relax and enjoy the way it’s supposed to be.

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Shemale Big Cock Cam Sites

Of course, you should check the turf beforehand, send a private message to a hottie of your choice, see how she responds to your demands during shemale private cams. If you’re a match, then it’s all set for an amazing night, full of teasing, jerking off together, and most importantly, raging orgasms.

What about a hot Euro model who’s like a chameleon, turning into anybody you need and acting out your fantasy? If you’re into that, then HaileyHot should work her magic, all it takes is some make-up and different clothes and you’ll have, say, a naïve classmate who wants you to study together.

She’ll wear her nerdy glasses, a short dress, push-up bra to put an accent on her titties and act like she’s all bored, books just get her bored. She has a better idea, how about you watch her show you some new dance moves, but beware, they might get a bit off the hook.

Unsurprisingly, this tranny will start stripping off her clothes, seducing you, and getting down on her knees right in front of your cock. Thanks to the cam2cam chat site, she can see how much it grew, ready to probe through your pants and make a hole in them trying to get freed.

Her slutty mouth will open wide, and she will perform oral on a rubber cock, while moving one hand towards her crotch and whipping out a juicy cock in the private webcam session. Blessed by the sight of her enthusiastically jerking off and sucking at the same time, you are guaranteed to bust a load long before her.

Everyone loves some roughness from time to time, especially GinaAngel_ts. This lusty Asian might look like a sweet girl next door, but she can turn into a cock-craving succubus in a blink of an eye. Her tight bikini will dazzle you because it’s hardly keeping anything hidden, her tits are too big for the top, and her cock wants to see the light of the day as well.

You will drool and crave to see more, but she will set up some demands, you will have to work hard in order to get it. Getting collared like a puppy will make it easier for her to gain control over you, and she’ll make sure you go and take a hike, every time you’re supposed to turn towards a side, she will spank you on left or right booty cheek.

She might make you lick her shoes, her legs from toes to tender things, get up towards her crotch, and lick her dick over those panties on our shemale private cams online. The pre-cum is leaking onto them, to no wonder, they’re all soaked up thanks to you, so she’ll have to silence you with them.

Get your bunghole ready, because once she goes for that doggystyle banging, you’re going to get it balls deep, and with a cock ring around your junk, cumming is going to be delayed. She will pull your hair and scream that you’re her little bitch, while splitting your booty open and gaping that brown hole.

It’s astronomically easier to do something if you and the tranny model are able to see each other, communicate on different levels, sometimes it’s just enough to take a look at each other, and you both know what the next move is.

That’s the primary reason why shemale private cams are my go-to, all these beauties from different parts of the world, and I can instantly have fun with them, face-to-face. Maybe you haven’t tried it yet, but I can promise you that each minute spent is another memory to relish.

Asian Trans Cam Models

The lovely t-girls from Asia are captivating all horny men with their looks, and even those who came with no expectations. They can reliably get your cock rock hard, and with such thin waists and big dicks it’s no wonder, but the erotic shows and sensual teasing is where they shine brightest.

You will be forever grateful to Asian trans cam models, simply because you are going to bust so many loads after they’re done with a jerk-off session. That’s not even the whole story, just wait until they slide down the panties to release their tools, you’re going to love the way they’re being used, and it’s all to treat you to some orgasms.

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Asia Trans Cam Model

How would you love a sexy Thai hottie with a tanned, slender body? If they’re anything like KarlaDoll, you won’t be able to get your eyes off them. This one, however, is quite special, the perky tits and a bulging cock are aching to be released from the tightness of her bikini, bursting to get out.

She loves it when you tell her what a sexy body she has, it just brings her to her knees, willing to do anything once she’s acknowledged. How about she treats you to an improvised lap dance? Who wouldn’t love watching that tight ass shaking in front of his face, and the more she does it, the more you’ll ask for.

In no time you’ll whip that cock out and start stroking it, laid back in your chair, telling her to drop the panties so you can see what a tight little asshole she’s got. She complies, of course, shows off her tiny crack during a live ladyboy webcam chat, licks a finger seductively, and starts massaging her bunghole, getting it wet and eventually slipping the finger inside.

You don’t have to hide your desires with her, chances are she’s even dirtier than you can imagine, tell her to grab a dildo and play with it as if it’s your cock. No time is wasted on her private show, she goes straight down to business, and probes the already prepared booty hole, spreading it even wider until it gapes, and she will be thankful for every passing moment it’s inside her.

Although you might associate Asian girls as somewhat shy, they can turn into total mean bitches at night, transforming into vile mistresses, and torturing their subordinates. To Missy_Sweetheart that’s the way of life, she charges up her batteries during long steamy nights with weak men, gaining superiority through numerous humiliations.

When you see her dressed up in kinky, yet fear-inducing skimpy latex clothing, your mind will freeze, leaving you unable to resist the cravings building up inside, despite knowing how you’re going to be treated. Every inch of skin you see is a blessing, and this Asian tranny cam model doesn’t care if you see more, but it’s not going to be so easy, you still have to earn your rights to enjoy, and she’s just starting.

First of all, how about some gratitude? Bow to her and worship that massive cock while she’s mocking your shriveled excuse for a dick. Lick her boots, you pathetic piglet, clean them with your tongue and make them spotless, and get your ass perked up so she can spank it in the meantime.

If she cuffs your hands and impales your throat on her cock, you will choke on it, for as long as she deems fit. You might even be turned into a sissy, your domme’s pretty sex toy who’s going to be defiled once she starts fucking you, issuing jerk-off instructions, but never letting you cum, that’s a luxury you won’t be allowed.

There can never be one option when you visit Asian trans webcam models, simply too many super hot babes who all have different methods of extracting that sweet white nectar from your cock. It’s no secret that they love cumming themselves, but even despite that, these models are dedicated towards putting your needs on a pedestal.

Do you feel like busting a fat nut with a transgender goddess of beauty? Then this right here is where you’re going to shine from excitement, and that glow will persist throughout the day once you get relieved of all the pent-up sexual frustration. Review Shemale Cam Site

When it comes to good tranny cams there’s only a handful out there worth your time, and usually, you will find a lot of copies of other sites. is literally TSMate in another suit, and while that fact on itself might repel some users from checking it out, it doesn’t have to be so bleak.

Every site is worth being checked, so in an effort to bring the best shemale model experience into your homes, I am more than happy to strip a site apart and share my knowledge with you. Who knows, maybe this one is a diamond in the rough, a future leader in the industry, or it might be a total bust, you never know.

A Rather Slow Start

The homepage and its colors are a good first impression, you will feel like a sexy chick with the dick is about to seduce you, but I know better than to judge a book by its cover. Another thing I’ve really liked is how they’ve kept the same number of filters, but that’s mainly because they’re perfect just the way they are.

However, the whole site seems kind of slow and unresponsive, the “Categories” sidebar extends when you click on it, but the way it moves reminds me of 90’s slot machines. It’s clunky as if you’re loading 5 frames per second, and just makes it hard to look at the animation and no one is a fan of that.

It’s also resetting every time you leave the homepage and going back into it, so you’re bound to see it every once in a while. On top of that, I’ve had some loading inconsistencies with the model picture thumbnail, some would load instantly, while others took a lot more time, so you might waste a couple of moments there.

Ads, The Biggest Pest Of Modern Times

What I really don’t like, and you won’t either, are the ads. Apart from the occasional pop-up when you click around the site, there is also a shameless plug for another site in the header. It’s neatly “hidden” amongst other features, and it just goes to show how tricky they’re trying to be with you.

Most of the worthwhile cam sites aren’t riddled with these, actually, they have none, so at the very least, it’s a bad look for Trannycam. Going forward, after wasting some of my time, I’ve decided to check out what kind of shows I can expect from these tranny models.

To my surprise there wasn’t much to choose from, seems like they’ve removed some models from their site compared to TSMate, and instead delivered on the ads part of things. That’s a trade-off I wouldn’t be so stoked about, and neither would you be, but it is what it is, regardless of us not liking it.

Should You Go For It?

I have to admit that testing out the models wasn’t the most fun of ventures, as a matter of fact, it was quite a bad ride. Some streams take time to load, not just your regular buffering, they start after some 10-15 seconds, which might not seem like a long time on paper, but in real life, it’s quite frustrating.

My dream of stroking my cock along with a hot shemale has quickly crumbled in shambles, especially once I’ve noticed that the stream lags behind. There certainly was some delay, because from the moment I type a message, to the moment it’s listed on the chat took quite some time.

It wasn’t all really worth it, the whole experience is ruined and I haven’t even started. If you want to be unobstructed while browsing through models, with a ride as slick as it gets, from the moment you scroll through the site to the moment you bust a creamy load, then just go straight to TSMate.


Obviously, Trannycam didn’t rise to the occasion, not only is it a copycat but a poor one at that. Speed is important, you want things, and you want them now, and when you’re stuck around waiting for the load times, well, that’s a boner going soft, and you’re losing all interest.

To prevent that awful syndrome, you should go to the source site where you’ll find those trannies, performing both vanilla and BDSM shows, without the lags and other obstructions, or in short, yours truly, TSMate.

Live Tranny Fetish Webcam Sites

Fetishes and chicks with dicks, those two go hand to hand, especially since most of these models are quite depraved and looking for a way to spice up their sex lives. As if having a big dick and a set of juicy tits wasn’t enough fun, they also want to take a man under control and treat him to a rough session on these live tranny webcam sites.

Imagine getting bent over, restrained with cuffs and that tight bootyhole fucked until it gapes. Or maybe you like the roles reversed, regardless of how you want it, some foreplay is always a good way to start a private show and get you both fired up for the real deal.

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Tranny Fetish Webcam

Lizzyluster might seem like a cute schoolgirl when you see her first, but those sexy legs that sprout from under her skirt all the way to the tender feet are showing a kinky side of her. She will sit with her legs crossed on a chair, and slowly open them up so you could get a flash of her red panties.

You can be her teacher, who coincidentally has the will to give her a better grade if she does a little something in return. Make her strip down those long stockings, so you can see her pretty feet, and order her to wiggle the toes while you get near to lick them with your lusty tongue.

Tell her to lift up the skirt and show you what she’s hiding underneath, to no surprise, a full-blown boner. Jerk off instructions are always welcomed during this shemale fetish cam shows, especially since you get to control how fast she goes, and deny all those orgasms until she’s begging you to release the pent-up cum.

Come to think of it, there is a way, but only if she’s able to go down on herself and suck out all the cum. You might be surprised, but she’s very skilled at it, her body will twist and bend, and she will wrap her mouth around the firm prick, blowing it until a load of jizz gets shot down her throat.

Let’s flip the script and put you in a submissive position, what about a big booty slut like AnalJennyTS? You surely would love to have someone so curvy in front of you in her live sex chat room, facing those juicy ass cheeks towards you, and making them bounce while twerking.

You will feel how that prick of yours gets firmer with each passing moment, but you won’t be able to grab it and jerk off that easily. She will get your hands restrained, tied down so you can’t move them an inch, getting agonized with a view of something so hot and alluring, yet not being able to enjoy it properly.

It’s going to get even tougher once she clamps your nipples, and gives you a couple of spanks, just so she can leave a mark on your skin. At least you can be of some use by sucking on a dildo on these tranny fetish webcam sites, make it sloppy as well, because she needs it prepared for some anal adventures.

Her crack is going to split up as it gets inserted, slowly going deeper until she impales herself balls deep. At the same time you will be full of envy while she’s stroking her dick, having so much fun, and look at you, just staring like a pathetic loser. It doesn’t end there, you will get to participate in the end, but only by serving as a cum bucket when she sprays that thick white liquid over you.

There is much more that can be done on tranny fetish cams, anything that might get you excited under the sun is probably getting performed right at this moment by some of the models. Now, that might be something unimaginable to most people, but it’s entirely plausible when you get to know these filthy shemales.

What would you rather do, fantasize about all those fetishes swarming in your mind, or actually getting them materialized? I’m thinking the latter, and I can bet that you are too, so don’t hesitate to jump straight into the live sex cam action with a kinky t-girl fetishist.

Mature Shemale Sex Cams

There are not so many older shemale babes out there, but when you do find one, it’s an absolute pleasure, after all, they age like a fine wine. They have collected the knowledge of how to get a man horny, but more so of how to make him bust fat loads of cum, so you’re in for a treat.

Above anything, they love a nice, stiff dick, who doesn’t? If you get a hard-on fast enough, and you definitely will, make sure to boast about it because these babes will get much more excited during a cam2cam sex session once they see it on a mature tranny cams show.

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Mature Shemale Sex Cams

Curvy_TS_MILF is definitely a must if you’re looking for a fat ass and a puckering bunghole to probe. The crotchless pantyhose fit her well, but you’ll have to wait around until you’re both aroused to see her wearing nothing but them. What could possibly work to get such an experienced tranny fired up? 

Maybe it’s best if you’re creative, chances are you’ll strike a chord with her that customers normally wouldn’t, and make the whole adventure one to remember. How about you be the one stripping down first? Do a bit of striptease, thrust your hips while flashing that dick, and watch as she’s fondling her tits over a tight top.

She loves energetic men, you can see it by those perky nipples, but even more so when she starts undressing on this shemale sex webcam site. Slowly, her top and bottom drop to the floor, and you’re left with a sight of a fantastic mature body in front of yourself, coupled with a cock that’s hard as a rock.

Once she starts asking “How do you want to fuck me”, it’s on, she’ll take a dildo and lube it up, while bending over to show you her hungry bunghole. Don’t spare her, not even for a moment, fill that ass up with a rubber dick while stroking yours, and don’t stop until she’s creaming her pantyhose from anal stimulation only.

Hairy mature t-girls like Miss.HungMarie likes to impose the rules of nature, the one who’s superior is the one in control. That’s part of the reason why she’ll insist you both strip down and face each other to see who’s got it better, but it’s also because she knows that packing an 8-incher is guaranteed to give her control over you.

It won’t take long for you to find out, and when she starts bursting out in laughter, well, whatever you’ve got down there will shrivel even smaller from embarrassment. She has taken these kinds of bets countless times, and there is yet to be a man with a dick bigger than hers.

A couple of spanks across your booty is guaranteed to get you horny, at least a bit, we all love that feeling during a live mature tranny cam chat. She, however, loves being on the giving end more, and it’s only starting. All the way from torturing your cock and balls by tying them up with ropes, dripping candle wax, using ice cubes, to crushing the genitals with her high heels.

When you think the worst is over, and it’s finally your time, she will lock up your dick and boast about her monster. It’s going to get shoved down your throat until there are tears rolling down your face, and then you’ll watch her boast about being free to jerk off before cumming on your dumbfounded face to seal the deal.

If you’ve thought that younger trannies are exciting, wait until you’re face to face with one much older, with years of sexual encounters in her repertoire. Jerking off will never be the same again, just the thought of those thick, veiny dicks getting stroked along with yours, and the bodies spasming before an orgasm, well, that is more than enough to get you hooked.

The older chicks with dicks are sought for with a reason, and you can either trust my word, or you can try them out for yourself and see why everything I’m saying about mature tranny cams is true.

TrannyCamModels Site Review

TrannyCamModels Site Review

Sexy chicks with dicks are a treat of the decade as far as I’m concerned, but it’s not so often you can find one whenever there’s an itch in your pants. The good old cam sites are here to fill in that void, and their sexy models certainly do the job well, maybe the newer ones are better, it’s all a matter of personal taste.

TrannyCamModels, however, is hardly going to sate anyone’s hunger, with all due respect towards the babes streaming their adventures there, they could have chosen better. It’s quite rare that a website is so badly done, it almost makes you wonder if guys who made it had a set of eyes in their sockets.

Get A Time Warp into The Past!

I don’t like being forced to do things, except, you know, when there is a certain reward guaranteed. Here, I was instantly redirected to the “Sign Up” page, actually, it’s their homepage, you could definitely call it that, and it’s not exactly my cup of tea, no one in their right mind is ready to pay before they see the goods.

After going to “Who’s Online” tab, I was kind of stunned by how ugly everything looked, the purple background was kind of getting me in the mood, but the 2000’s MSN design of the rest of it quickly got my prick flaccid. At least there were some cute-looking shemales there, and I could take a peek in their rooms without clicking on them.

What put me off is the additional sections, like “Gay Guys”, and for no reason whatsoever “Straight Guys”. If I’ve wanted something like that, then I would go to straightguycammodels. Seeing as that’s not the case, neither for me nor for anyone who came here, the whole site is a total let-down so far.

Can These Models Fix the First Impression?

Let’s just focus on what matters, the tranny models, of which there are not many. At the time of writing this review, I’ve encountered a total of 19 models online (other sections had 1-3 models online) on this live webcam site, a number not so great for a site that’s supposed to be the place for trannies by the name of it.

It’s a real shame because their filtering is stellar, it would definitely be useful on some larger sites to have it so detailed, but here it serves no point. You would have to take a total of 10 seconds out of your time to scroll through all of them, comparing that to any of the mainstream sites, makes Trannycammodels a joke.

The shows themselves aren’t much, especially in live, most of these models were streaming but are off cam, and others weren’t interested in what they were supposed to be doing – seducing the viewer. With that being said, the trannies are kind of cute, but their behavior is off-putting and their average rating of 3 out of 5 confirms that sentiment.

The Worst Tranny Site of All Times?

Don’t we all hate clickbaits? And what are they even doing on a shemale cam site? No, not the models, it’s not them, it’s the site itself, in the navigation bar there is a big “See what you’re missing”, and who could resist it? When you do check out what the fuss is about, there isn’t actually much you’re missing.

The whole thing is a built-in ad for another site, and it just looks sketchy, not what a customer is here for at the very least. Let’s see what their customer support has to offer, oh, another sign-up attempt, apparently, you can’t send a message about an issue without it, let’s try then.

There is no point in wasting my time anymore, but I’ve had to check it out, and surprise, surprise (not), it’s like it doesn’t exist, who would have guessed? It’s a trademark of bad cam sites, no one to help you out with an issue, and in this case, the whole site is one.


On more than one occasion, this site wasn’t nearly what you would expect from hearing its name for the first time. My initial thought was that it’s a tranny-only cam site with a bunch of models, and neither one of those turned out to be true, and those are just what you can gather from a minute spent on the site.

My suggestion would be simple, run, run as far away as you can from this one because it won’t do you any good. Spending a dime here is a pity, let alone doing something rash like buying more than $10 worth of tokens, although you should do neither of those things and treat yourself elsewhere.

American Tranny Webcam Shows

The US of A never fails to surprise with its stunning trannies, and one of the best things is, you’ve got all kinds of ethnicities all in one place. Sounds fun, and the reality of it is that they’re even more exciting than you would think, willing to go into some filthy conversations and even dirtier acts.

Don’t be shy because they aren’t either, as a matter of fact, there is a reason why America is called “The land of the free”. American tranny sex webcams surely catch that spirit of freedom and openness on cam2cam shows, and with the stunning models it’s quite evident, from the way they smile to the way they fuck.

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American Tranny Webcams

SexyScarlett is a big booty, blonde hottie, and her whole body is perfectly sculpted because she makes sure to get a workout every now and then. When she misses it, there are other ways to get some cardio, she’ll slip in tight workout clothes, and give you a tour.

She’ll do some weightless squats, but with that ass perked out towards you, making it seem like her yoga pants are about to rip off at the crack. It’s quite hard to control yourself from jerking off, especially once she turns around and you can see her dick outlining in the fabric, and it’s huge.

We’re talking 9 inches of a meaty cock, ready to be served as a post-workout meal, and for you, she will perform some self-sucking on the American shemale cam site. It’s even too big for her, she’s trying to fit as much in that pretty mouth, but it’s too big of a bite. Looks like she needs some help from her fleshlight.

It’s easier to make it work on a sex toy, and even it is getting gaped wide, it’s hard to believe she’ll be able to use it more than once. She also won’t let any of that delicious protein go to waste, every last drop of cum is going to finish in her mouth, and you’ll hear her audibly enjoying while swallowing.

Let’s not forget about wonderful ebony tranny chicks like hotwith_Hailey. Her dick is no less impressive, and she’s got some chocolate curves to amaze you with, especially the enormous tits. She can’t get enough of fondling them, pouring massage oil all over, and squeezing every last inch with her hands.

She wishes you were there to grab her from behind and hold those with your manly hands while she rubs her booty against your cock. A hot twerking show will work just fine, you’ll see her gradually stripping the thongs, which are hard to spot in the first place considering how juicy her buns are. 

Along with her ass, the massive cock and nuts are also bouncing around, and she can’t hold her cool anymore during the live American shemale cam chat. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not, she will want you to kneel and grab a dildo to blow, just the way she’s stroking her schlong, fast, slow, all the way down, or just the tip, she decides.

After some time, she’ll demand you get that slick rubber cock deep in your anus, just imagining how your tight sphincter would wrap around her cock is making her body shiver. Pay close attention, if she wants to spank you, make you kiss her feet, or anything else, you do it, but one thing is guaranteed, you’ll both be jizzing fat loads, and hers is going to end up on you.

Once you go private on American tranny webcams, you’ll see what the fuss is about, these babes are going to captivate you and use you as a fuck doll. Maybe the roles will be reversed, it depends on what your deal is, are you the one who’s dominating, or taken control of?

Leave that answer for these ladies with pricks, some are so welcoming and professional that you might get out of your shell and do something kinkier. Both of us know you won’t hesitate to check them out because I’ve been there, the curiosity got the best of me, and the American trannies made me their regular.

Submissive Shemale Sex Cams

When you’re thinking of sexy trannies and their bodies, you also expect them to embody the submissive spirit with their feminine looks. Those massive tits aren’t going to slap themselves, they need someone to issue an order, and you can be that dominant man who will take control over the situation.

The models on submissive shemale cams are more than willing to be your subs, they will silently wait for the next command, and execute it no matter how harsh it may seem. Surely, you’re looking to see what the extent of your power is, can you make them do some out-of-the-ordinary things? There’s only one way to find out.

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Submissive Shemale Cams

How about a cute teenage schoolgirl looking t-girl like TinyNina? Her petite body is enough to get you a raging boner, but those skimpy clothes are making her look like a total slut and it’s making her even more alluring. She surely likes men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to express all that domination.

You can show her that you’re exactly like that by calling her derogatory names, like “cocksucking little slut” or “dirty cum bucket”, anything along those lines. After all, you shouldn’t care what she wants to do, these private cam shows are all about you getting the satisfaction.

Get your belt out and order her to bend over, lift up that skirt and give her a couple of spanks on that perky ass on this submissive tranny webcam site. Use the belt around her neck so you can control how her head moves because she is about to get her throat explored deep by a thick dildo, all the way down until there’s not an inch sticking out.

It’s all making her horny, her dick is struggling to get free under the tight panties, which is an even better thing she can practice on. Considering her flexible body, she won’t have an issue reaching that slutty mouth with her cock, and you should absolutely make her blow it until she’s taking a mouthful of her own jizz, which she’ll have to swallow.

LustyTS_Cathy is craving a big one, but she has to earn it, you can’t just give her what she wants. With that in mind, you can make her do anything, and with those big tits and juicy ass, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have fun ordering her around and making demands.

Tell her to take a sniff of her armpits, a long inhale for your pleasure and then order her to take socks off and stuff her mouth with them during the submissive shemale cam chat. Now she’ll be silent, but not like she would talk back to you, even if you make her sniff those sweaty feet, not even a sound.

It’s time you see those tits, order her to seduce you while stripping the top, erotically, so you get that surge of adrenaline into your crotch. Those nipples surely deserve to get clipped, and she will keep them on, now the only thing left is to strip down her panties and show you what she’s packing.

That tiny thing she has is a disgrace, so make sure to place a chastity cage on it, there is no use for it, but at least she’s got a replacement in a dildo. Just show her how stiff you are, and that thing can go inside her hungry asshole dry, no lube, nothing to help out while she’s getting impaled, getting gaped wide, and waiting eagerly for you to cum.

There is nothing so exciting as having control over a situation, and with sex, it’s empowering to the point where your orgasms get louder, longer, and more intense. That’s why you should go with submissive shemale webcam site any time an urge over encumbers you, and you’re feeling like doing all kinds of filth to someone.

Doesn’t matter what is in question, maybe some light spanking? Or you’re more of a “tie her in ropes and let a fucking machine stretch out that bunghole” kind of guy? Yup, you can be anyone during a cam2cam show, with a flick of a finger these trannies will be your slaves.

Live Tranny Findom Webcams

There is no shortage of trannies who need some cash slaves, the ones who can take their sadistic nature along with the greed for your hard-earned money. The cost to even sharing the same online space with such beauties will severely cost you during the findom webcams, but as a sub, you already know that your role is to provide.

A financial mistress will always be there, waiting for no one but you to get a taste of her boot in your mouth, and you will bend down to lick it with a smile on your face. Surely you know what comes if you’re unable to follow such simple orders, a severe punishment, and further control over your finances.

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Tranny Small Penis Humiliation Cams

Cherry_Cumzz is a sexy blonde with stunning curves, especially those big tits, but in her mind, they’re never big enough. You already know what she’s going to ask of you, a new, bigger pair once she gets bored with these, and you will pay for them, one way or another she is going to have that money on her bank account.

As a welcoming gift, you will get a quick flash of them in full size, but anything more than that and you will have to work for it during the shemale findom cam session. She loves having some fun by making you strip down for her and observing what she could do to humiliate you.

It’s easy once you’re exposed, naked in front of her fully clothed, ridiculed for that floppy belly, and called her cash piggy. “Here piggy, piggy”, she says while calling you over to sniff her feet, and she will make you roll around in the dirt, see, the thing is, you can’t resist anymore, she’s got you by the nuts.

In this case, quite literally, a chastity cage’s cold, metallic feeling on your junk will prevent any self-gratification while she slowly juices out your credit card info on this live sex site. Once it’s there, her mission is a success, and now she can celebrate by jerking off, making you green with envy at her freedom to rub one out 

Take a long look at MissToriTS because she’s got a killer body, along with a raging boner in her panties, which, coincidentally, is the only thing she wears in the tranny findom webcam chat. Every craving man wishes she whips it out and bends them over to get fucked senseless, and you will too once you see how she’s flailing that whip.

She will slam the ground with it and demand you buy her some jewelry so that body can get embellished by something as beautiful as she is, like Cartier diamond earrings and necklaces. Only after that is she going to continue, this time blindfolding you and getting you restrained.

This is it, you are going to think that it’s your turn to get a taste of her cock, but it’s far from the truth, yet another play to show how worthless you are. You are her cuck, she has someone else to suck her off, you’re here on this live sex website just to shower her with designer clothes and other accessories.

Even your tits are going to get clipped, so you can feel something while watching her get sucked off. It’s coming to the point where she’s also into it and suggesting a 69 position, you can imagine how glorious it’s going to look, even more so in her head when they get near an orgasm and spread both loads on you.

Ah, that fatal beauty, something you’re striving to own, but none of these models on tranny findom webcams have a price tag on them. Sure, you’re going to keep throwing money their way, get some minuscule amounts of pleasure along the way, or just be released from harsh pains after a corporal punishment.

Still, no matter how much it is, they are here to be treated like queens, spoiled brats, and it’s up to you to get them what they need. It’s one-stop to becoming a human ATM, and the moral of the story tells us that you need to find a mistress right away and be her cash cow.

Best Asian Shemale Cam Sites

It’s well known that the most sensational live performers can be found in southeast Asia, which is a home on earth to the prettiest girls with cocks and feminine features. The popular name would be ladyboys, and you don’t even have to travel that far in order to meet them, because there’s a whole lot on Asian shemale cam sites and we listed the ones that you should visit in this post.

The mainstream culture has welcomed them with arms wide open, and despite there being a lot of sites out there, they are usually of poor quality and not so trustworthy, that’s why you should go with proven places where you’re going to get a proportional amount of pleasure for your money, instead of the senseless cash-grabs.

MyTrannyCams Review

No more grainy quality of streams and uninterested hosts with MyTrannyCams. HD is the standard here, you will be able to see these kinky ladyboys clearly, which is great because they’re quite beautiful. You can check them out in real-time without even clicking on the chat window, and if they look attractive by your standard, then there’s more to find out in their bio.

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One thing is guaranteed, they will do whatever is in their power to please you, they can morph into various roles, like teachers, your cute neighbor, even a policewoman, and you will have the time of your life.

Just go to the MyTrannyCamSites where we have reviewed all tranny cam sites out there and we tell you which ones you definitely have to check out as well as the ones that are nothing but a waste of your time and money.

One of the best ladyboys here is VictoriaGrey, and she will gladly turn into a sexy schoolgirl for you, who you’re free to seduce as her naughty teacher. She will bend over in her pink dress, exposing those firm buns and pink panties, trying to talk you into something spicy for a better grade.

She will hop on her desk and lift up her skirt to spank that booty with a ruler while moaning out your name as loud as she can, and begging for your cock. Make sure to show her a snippet of your rock hard tool, and she will whip hers out so you can masturbate together during a cam to cam session.

As if it couldn’t get any hotter, she will start licking her fingers which are going to be used for anal fingering. The deeper she goes, the stiffer your prick gets, until both of you reach a boiling point and release all the pent-up cum in streams.

TSMate Cam Site Review

The number of models TSMate offers will leave you speechless, and with it comes a variety of kinks, body types, penis sizes, and age of performers. All of that leaves you with a bigger pool of choices, and for those who are into something harsher like bondage, or some twisted dominating action, it’s the perfect Asian shemale cam site.

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You can also explore for yourself through some of many filters in order to pinpoint your search for something specific. The number of models performing at any time averages at 100, which is admirable, and it’s guaranteed to give you some options in your search for the perfect model.

DiamondTS is the best BDSM ladyboy performer you can get, simply because her live cam shows are a breath of fresh air, there is always something new she incorporates into them. She’s also quite flexible, so you might want to impress her and follow orders if you want to see some self-sucking as your reward.

She loves to get her feet worshipped, as in, you go down on knees, while she’s towering above you and making you lick a pair of shoes. To reach your prize, you will have to obey, and she wants to see you licking that toilet seat while she’s holding her big dick in her hands and stroking it calmly.

Seems like you’ve earned her trust, you will do anything to see your mistress suck her big cock, but she will want something else from you. Don’t worry, you can jerk off while watching her performing a self-fellatio, but you will have to tie a weight around your nuts and stand while it pulls your genitals to the ground.

Even though it hurts, it’s worth it when you get to see such a heavenly sight in front of your eyes unfolding.


You should never settle for anything less than these high-quality Asian shemale cam sites, which do set the bar high, but their standard is what you’re going to get used to, and the others will be lackluster when compared.

What sets them apart the most are the models, it’s the thing that matters most, they are the faces of these sites, and it’s in their best interest to treat you like a god, or you can be treated like filth, but that’s only if you like it.

To make your sailing smooth, the user interfaces are slick, and the sign-up processes simple, and you can rest assured that none of your information is going to get mishandled or abused, which is of utmost importance.

Shemale Smoking Cam Sites

Watching a sexy shemale puffing on a cigarette gives off a certain vibe about her, the way she inhales, puffs out the smoke, and takes a glance towards you, is the ultimate display of power. It doesn’t always have to be a dominating scenario, she could seem like a classy lady who needs a strong man to seduce her.

Whichever it may be, I’m sure you will acknowledge their beauty and elegance on shemale smoking cam sites. In order to treat yourself to the best experience, you should go with one of the two best options, MyTrannyCams, or TSMate, and you wouldn’t be wrong by going with both.

Shemale Smoking Cam

With its modern looks, fantastic features, and ease of use, this cam site gives off a professional vibe, and the deeper you dwell in it, the better it gets. Each model has their info listed, which goes from their biography to desired fetishes and body type/penis size. Along with it, there are some sexy pics and videos, those richer in the content are unlockable for a couple of credits.

Finding the right one for a smoking fetish won’t be an issue, a whole lot of them are dedicated to pleasing their costumers and have all crafts of live cam shows up their sleeve, all you have to do is ask.

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If you were to try out CarliFox, she would gladly be down to roleplay as a girl at the bar who puffs circles of smokes and waits for a bartender to finish with his shift so she could play with him. You will see her dressed in the hottest outfit, looking so gullible and craving for a cock while sitting on her bar stool.

She’ll wiggle in her chair while sliding the shoulder straps down and revealing her juicy tits, all while holding a cigarette in her mouth and gesturing how she would suck you off. She’ll take a dildo and stuff her mouth full with it, taking a breath only to inhale a puff of smoke, which she releases while gobbling a rubber cock which will be a replacement for your stiff tool.

Offering simple but effective design, finding shemale performers who are into smoking fetish will be fast and easy through the filtering options. If you manage to find the one who hits all the sweet spots with you, simply mark her a favorite and she’ll always pop up at the top every time you log in.

But as we all know, repetitiveness is not in human nature, and maybe you’re looking to find someone else, and TSMate will help you by listing out similar models. You don’t want to miss out on the cam2cam feature, there’s nothing like getting that personal with the shemale of your dream.

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The first performer you should give a go to is GiftedShemale, all thick and curvy, judging you with her devious looks while her room fills with smoke on the live sex cams. She needs a submissive man to serve, and she’ll gladly get you collared and force you on knees in front of her.

In case you do not know there are many other tranny cam sites that are also worth visiting and you will love them as well, so check them out and see them for yourself.

You won’t get to look at her, but she will make her presence felt while puffing out smoke in your face, and using you as a human ashtray. Strip your pants and arch your back so that booty gets closer to her, she’s going to spank it, while smoking a cigarette and making you say that you’re her little bitch.

She puts it out, and instantly lights up another one, you’ve proven yourself, so she’s going to allow you the joy of stroking your cock. Only the way she strokes her impressive pecker, the same speed and intensity, and who knows, if you manage to hold out until she’s done smoking, you might get allowed to cum.


With these sites you will be set for life with models, there are so many of them performing day and night that it’s impossible for you to run out of new and exciting shows. When it comes to features and simplicity of use, you couldn’t find better, and you will find even more helpful and exciting nuggets of gold spread around them which will exceed your expectations.

Sometimes all it takes is for you to try out yourself, signing up is easy enough, but once you see what these models have to offer on these shemale smoking cams, you will be craving for some private shows and you will come back for more fun.