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When it comes to good tranny cams there’s only a handful out there worth your time, and usually, you will find a lot of copies of other sites. is literally TSMate in another suit, and while that fact on itself might repel some users from checking it out, it doesn’t have to be so bleak.

Every site is worth being checked, so in an effort to bring the best shemale model experience into your homes, I am more than happy to strip a site apart and share my knowledge with you. Who knows, maybe this one is a diamond in the rough, a future leader in the industry, or it might be a total bust, you never know.

A Rather Slow Start

The homepage and its colors are a good first impression, you will feel like a sexy chick with the dick is about to seduce you, but I know better than to judge a book by its cover. Another thing I’ve really liked is how they’ve kept the same number of filters, but that’s mainly because they’re perfect just the way they are.

However, the whole site seems kind of slow and unresponsive, the “Categories” sidebar extends when you click on it, but the way it moves reminds me of 90’s slot machines. It’s clunky as if you’re loading 5 frames per second, and just makes it hard to look at the animation and no one is a fan of that.

It’s also resetting every time you leave the homepage and going back into it, so you’re bound to see it every once in a while. On top of that, I’ve had some loading inconsistencies with the model picture thumbnail, some would load instantly, while others took a lot more time, so you might waste a couple of moments there.

Ads, The Biggest Pest Of Modern Times

What I really don’t like, and you won’t either, are the ads. Apart from the occasional pop-up when you click around the site, there is also a shameless plug for another site in the header. It’s neatly “hidden” amongst other features, and it just goes to show how tricky they’re trying to be with you.

Most of the worthwhile cam sites aren’t riddled with these, actually, they have none, so at the very least, it’s a bad look for Trannycam. Going forward, after wasting some of my time, I’ve decided to check out what kind of shows I can expect from these tranny models.

To my surprise there wasn’t much to choose from, seems like they’ve removed some models from their site compared to TSMate, and instead delivered on the ads part of things. That’s a trade-off I wouldn’t be so stoked about, and neither would you be, but it is what it is, regardless of us not liking it.

Should You Go For It?

I have to admit that testing out the models wasn’t the most fun of ventures, as a matter of fact, it was quite a bad ride. Some streams take time to load, not just your regular buffering, they start after some 10-15 seconds, which might not seem like a long time on paper, but in real life, it’s quite frustrating.

My dream of stroking my cock along with a hot shemale has quickly crumbled in shambles, especially once I’ve noticed that the stream lags behind. There certainly was some delay, because from the moment I type a message, to the moment it’s listed on the chat took quite some time.

It wasn’t all really worth it, the whole experience is ruined and I haven’t even started. If you want to be unobstructed while browsing through models, with a ride as slick as it gets, from the moment you scroll through the site to the moment you bust a creamy load, then just go straight to TSMate.


Obviously, Trannycam didn’t rise to the occasion, not only is it a copycat but a poor one at that. Speed is important, you want things, and you want them now, and when you’re stuck around waiting for the load times, well, that’s a boner going soft, and you’re losing all interest.

To prevent that awful syndrome, you should go to the source site where you’ll find those trannies, performing both vanilla and BDSM shows, without the lags and other obstructions, or in short, yours truly, TSMate.

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