Webcam Review Review

When it comes to shemale sex cams, you should tread carefully, there are a lot of fake ones out there, and it’s getting increasingly hard to discern them from legit sites. Unfortunately, despite looking like it’s worth your time, is far from being the ideal candidate for all your camming experiences.

It’s hardly original, in fact, it isn’t original at all. What I mean by that, is they’re a whitelabel of another, popular live sex site. Its name is TSMate, and if you’re hearing that name for the first time, make sure to remember it since there are a lot of copies around the internet that try to replicate the rampant success it has.

Getting Started

Now that we’ve established that ShemaleWebcams isn’t quite what you’d expect, it’s time to see what this site has to offer. From the outside looking in, it has everything, a slick look, a fast interface, and a bunch of models, but the reality is a bit different. You’ll notice that it’s similar to TSMate, with the difference of a slight change in colors.

Furthermore, there seem to be slight delays while you scroll through the video chat website and inspect its functions. You might find yourself bugging out while choosing the categories, or it might be even worse, and they just return random models that you weren’t even looking for, both of which shouldn’t exist considering it’s a straight-up clone.

But such things happen with whitelabels when they’re not properly optimized, or there seem to be some back-end issues during the process of creating the site. Considering this one has been in function for some time, I would say that those problems are unacceptable, and they should have been resolved over the years.

All There Is to Shows and Models

We can all agree that models are the most important part of any webcam site, after all, they’re the very reason we are here. ShemaleWebcams seems to have forgotten that part or they willfully choose to ignore it since you won’t be finding the same number as on TSMate. The sole purpose of a whitelabel is to at least copy everything, even models.

Most of the shemale models here are low rated, the good ones are excluded for some reason, and it brings down the quality and user engagement to an all-time low. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting piss-poor shows, but it means that you’ll have sub-par choices or none at all since there’s less to choose from.

Let’s say you’ve chosen a show, and it fits your standards because it certainly can happen. Will you have a smooth ride? Not at all. This site has even more problems with their streams, they’re sloppy, often buffer a lot, and have way worse video quality than they do at TSMate for the same models and same shows.

Support And the Lack of It

The natural order of things would be to report your disagreement with some practices on this tranny cam site. You do that by contacting customer support, that’s the only way to deal with such issues on pretty much any site. That is if the site cares about their customers, which ShemaleWebcams doesn’t seem to.

If you try, expect to be in limbo, forgotten, and ultimately annoyed by the lack of urgency. Sometimes it takes up to an hour to get a response if you’re lucky. Mostly you’ll get generic answers that serve to set you aside and make you so annoyed that you rather choose to just let it go and find some other sites.

Keep in mind that this site should be nothing more but a re-skin of TSMate, and they have even failed to do that, chose to implement some of their things, and failed miserably. The ones who suffer are their users, and considering how they treat you, ShemaleWebcams looks like nothing more but a charade that’s there just to earn some quick money and bail out once angered users start piling on.

Summary is a well-known name in the sphere of shemale sex cam sites, trusted by the users who always come back because they’re treated with respect. For the past decade, it remains on the throne, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone who will topple it. It’s the total opposite of ShemaleWebcams, which is nothing more but a cheap attempt at a copy.

It’s not even a contest, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have some quality competition, but a whitelabel is hardly going to achieve that. My advice – stick to the trusted source of live chat rooms, explore all the offers TSMate has, and see for yourself why it’s superior to the likes of ShemaleWebcams and similar copycats.