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Finding hot trannies on adult video sites has become so easy, so many sexy chicks with dicks are out there performing online and they’re up for grabs. However, you can certainly find the best of the best, both in terms of looks and the shows they offer. Sites like Tgirlcamz have a lot of competition, for instance,, so it’s worth making a comparison.

And why is that, you ask? Well, the prices amongst these models don’t deviate from each other too much. On top of that, there are some customer satisfaction matters that are always worth looking into. So we’ve made it our mission to give you the very best entertainment, on the very best sex cam shows.

Tgirlcamz Is Off to A Rough Start

Despite being called Tgirlcamz, this site features both male and female performers, which is not a good look on them. But at least they’ve got a nice, simple look to the website, that is easy to consume and navigate through. In that simplicity, sometimes quality is lost, especially if you go a bit deeper into the core of Tgirlcamz.

Filtering is done in such a way that you don’t have categories, but rather tags. While it might be a bit more thorough, you don’t have a lot of suggestions but are forced to find the thing you want to watch yourself. Sure, you have a list, but there are thousands of tags, and you are just going to scroll through them endlessly.

The thing is, these tranny webcam models set the tags themselves, and sometimes they don’t even speak English, or their spelling is inaccurate, so you might be missing on a lot of sex chat shows. To top it off, you don’t have a preview option until you click on a model. One of the reasons why I truly believe MyTrannyCams is superior is exactly because everything is set up so you don’t waste time.

All it takes there is for you to hover with the cursor over a model, and there it is, you see what’s going on in live cams. The models also don’t have a rating, the only metric that could help you decide on Tgirlcamz is the number of viewers some models have, but that in no way tells you how satisfied users were with their private shows.

Types Of Shows on Tgirlcamz

There are a whole lot of models you can choose from on Tgirlcamz, like a sea of them, maybe even the largest collection I’ve seen on a live sex site. That’s where filtering plays a role, you need to guide yourself through them. Now, the types of shows depend on what the model is comfortable with.

From what I saw, a lot of them are into regular stuff like stroking their cocks, playing with their tits, some dildo anal action, that kind of stuff. And then you try to find something a bit more interactive, for instance, JOI, or maybe some domination, anything that makes a show kinkier and satisfying when you reach the end goal.

The fruits of your imagination will not be harvested here, and that’s a fact. Most of the transsexual models on Tgirlcamz are surprisingly reserved when it comes to fetishes and kinks. That’s not something you would expect from such a site with a lot of models, but it’s the truth nevertheless, and it’s one more metric where MyTrannyCams is far better.

There you can find pretty much anything, if you want to see some bondage, or get guided on it, you’ve got a bunch of willing ladies. It doesn’t matter on which end of the domination stick you want to be, it’s happening there. Show type-wise, MyTrannyCams blow Tgirlcamz out of the water, it’s just that simple.

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The Private Shows on Tgirlcamz, Are They Worth It?

Private shows are kind of hard to reach on Tgirlcamz, most of the users like to stick around in live and freeload on some nudity, which, as you can imagine, is underwhelming. And then you’ve got non-stop chat messages that just take away your attention from the thing that matters. I can only imagine how many pointless private messages they get that make it hard for you to reach out.

But before you even reach that point, keep in mind what we’ve said about simplicity, and then remember all those numbers. Does that look like a site that filters out their models and doesn’t allow anyone to perform on their platform? Not at all. They’re just worried about having as many, with little to no control.

That’s why a lot of models have really bad equipment. Some are even streaming in 360p or 480p. Can you even imagine what that looks like? Everything is pixelated, you’re struggling to see what’s going on, and to absorb what’s performed because you can’t see. Another point to MyTrannyCams because they have an HD-only rule that models have to follow.

After all of that, you still have to face the quality of private shows, in terms of raw performance by models. That is a whole other subject, which would take away too much of my time at this point, and I don’t want to relive that horror. Simply said, they’re lackluster, expensive, and not worth a second of your time.


Tgirlcamz is certainly a video chat site, but not a good one at that. Some things could be considered good, but there is a lot of work to be done before you could even consider it a contender alongside the big boys. Most of all, the quality is what they’re lacking in all aspects, and it could be solved quickly, but they’re not interested in that obviously.

Maybe things change, but maybe they don’t, until then, you should use MyTrannyCams. The models are better looking, there’s no doubt about it, in fact, they’ve been labeled by many as the hottest of all shemale sex webcam sites. You have more diversity, an easier way of browsing through shows, and when you’re in private sessions, excellence is guaranteed.