XLoveTrans.com Review

XLoveTrans.com Review

XLoveTrans.com is an underground tranny webcam site that is a little bit different from the other places in this niche. They are relatively unknown, and judging by their appearance, maybe they just wanted to stay under the radar and today I am going to review them.

I can not say that I was blown away by the design or style, and I can tell you right now they should have done a better job with the user interface and with the whole impression of their website in general.

Useless categories on XLoveTrans.com

If you are a type of person that likes to experiment with your sexuality, or if you are a curious little tranny who would like to have fun with the models that are offered on this website then you are in for a surprise.

There is a high number of categories. Usually, this would be a really good advantage where you are looking for something in particular, but on a site that only has a few dozens of live tgirl chat rooms, any attempt to sort out the results will leave you with just a few of them available.

I can not be sure that this is the live tranny arena that you have been fantasizing about. When guys want to have a hot and steamy hot chat they tend to visualize very different things, but unfortunately this is the type of website where so little is going on that I am really not sure your everyday sexual desires can be fulfilled here.

From my experience with using alternative tranny websites like XLoveTrans.com, this is the kind of place where people can rejoice their sexual likings peacefully and discreetly with their favorite ladyboy. Like I said, the number of models is not so impressive, so it is fairly easy for anyone to find very a model of their choice quickly.

Put your money where your mouth is

The registration is free and it only takes a minute. This is very important, because it will allow you to stay longer in private chat rooms without being kicked out to the registration page. When you do decide to join the chat arena you will see these options:

  1. Free chat – a classic cam session where you can communicate with a hot tgirl, but you are not alone.
  2. Solo shemale sex chat – This is by far the best you can get, one beautiful girl who will show you some quality time.
  3. Shemale couples – combination varies in this chat room, sometime you will see two trannies, sometimes it is a t-girl with a woman or a guy.

How much is a credit to see a show? The cost is around 2 credits per minute. To put in the perspective, 25 credits will cost you around $31.20. This is as low as this site goes. Too much even for this anonymous tranny website. The fact is, more popular tranny cam websites like MyTrannyCams are offering more for this kind of money, so for an alternative tranny website I think they should do a lot more than this.

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